Capabilities & Equipment

Most economical for standard casting configurations.
For 10-10,000 parts per run, 1-100lbs, tolerance .03 typ.

(3) Miscellaneous squeeze molding machines
(4) Osborn 3161 Rotalift molding machines w/ capacity for 24x24 flask
(1) Osborn 3191 Rotalift molding machine w/ capacity for 32x44x20 flask
(2) Osborn Pin Push-up machines
(1) B&P 2232 Roladraw system

Drysand (NoBake)
Essential for large, complex, and high accuracy configurations.
For 1-100 parts per run, 1-1000 lbs, tolerance: .020 typ

(1) Palmer M-200 Articulated Continuous Mixer
(5) Work cells

MOLDING - Core Manufacturing
Drysand (NoBake)
High accuracy, versatile, smooth internal finish
(1) Palmer M-200 Fixed Head Continuous Mixer

Shell (Hot Box)
Economical, smooth commercial finish
(1) Dependable M-100 Core Machine
(1) Dependable M-200 Core Machine
(1) Dependable SA-200 Core Machine

SO2 (Cold Box)
Good for high-performance automotive applications
(1) Redford Core Blower w/ Gassing Chamber

Stationary Gas-Fired Furnaces
(1) 400 lb capacity
(2) 600 lb capacity
(2) 900 lb capacity

Tilt-Pour Gas-Fired Furnaces
(1) 600 lb capacity
(2) 900 lb capacity

356, 319, 356, 535
A201, A206, A356, A357
Pure Al, DURALCAN, and other exotics