In most cases, just the strategic use of traditional casting methods will achieve good casting results. However, necessity drives innovation, and over the years we have developed proprietary metalcasting technology as the direct result of some very demanding casting jobs. This resulting technology specifically enables us to pour very tall/long molds while maintaining metal soundness, and to pour very large, thin-wall castings. Combining technologies allows us to achieve positive results on the most difficult jobs.

On a daily basis we utilize the following innovative methods:

The modulated vertical pouring process that we utilize was first developed in the mid '90s to achieve Grade C metal quality in large castings. The technique is simple in concept and implementation, yet has proven to be essential to the successful pouring of long castings of up to 10'. It is used on a daily basis in most drysand applications with very repeatable results.

Large, thin-wall castings like racing engines greatly benefit from our Switchgating Technology that automatically senses the best time to supply metal to certain portions of the casting for improved directional solidification and grain structure, a key concern in the casting of sound components.