Recognition and Acknowledgements

For the 47 years that we've been in business, we have only operated on-word-of-mouth, with our castings leading the conversation. However, in July 2008 we finally were put on the map when Al Spada, editor of Modern Casting Magazine, visited us for the first time.

We were honored by his words, printed in the August 2008 issue:

"Over the years, opinions and mindsets change. In fact, several years ago, I would have argued that [a prestigious American investment foundry] is what all metalcasters must aspire to become. I would have stated that continual technological breakthroughs were the only true way to thrive in this global marketplace. But today, my thoughts have changed, in part because of a recent visit to a metalcaster in the other 20%.

AlumAlloy Co. in Ontario, Calif., re-opened my eyes to the craftsman portion of our industry. From the engineered methods used to time the pouring of a mold to the way chills and parting lines were employed to ensure defect-free components, this metalcaster employed process ingenuity to produce quality castings. While none of the tools or technology AlumAlloy employs would be considered advanced (not even close), the firm is engineering its castings to its customers’ satisfaction. Its customer base doesn’t need high production. It needs short runs of large, x-ray quality aluminum components, and this niche will be protected in the global manufacturing environment."

Alfred T. Spada, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
Modern Casting / August 2008